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You’re in the cab of an aging semi-truck. It’s your rig. You’re an owner-operator.
Doors are locked. Windows up. The air is stale.
You catch yourself in the rearview. You see:

A bloody nose

Yesterday, you finished a run. You ate a full meal and slept on the familiar coil-spring mattress in the back of the cab. This morning, same routine as always.
You were awake for a solid hour before you noticed.

You are utterly alone.

There’s still power. Hot water. Megastore aisles are still lit. Gas pumps are functional, so there’s fuel, too.
But no people anywhere. Not one.
You think to yourself:

This is just like that story.

You listen to the squeak of vinyl as you shift your weight in the driver’s seat.
You’re thinking about how far you are from where you need to be. Where you might be needed. Where someone might be waiting for you.

Someone who owes you.

Someone who might appreciate a phone call at a time like this.
You need to hit the road. No time to waste.
But your thoughts are cloudy, and a song keeps rattling around in your head. You keep mumbling:

This may be the last time, Maybe my last time, I don’t know

You start the engine.
It’s 1983, and you need to find a phone.


  • snow
  • rain
  • wind
  • flood
  • fog
  • heat
  • dust


adventureCrafter : who is at the destination


Gavin Dennis, scientist, I need to reach him fast, he owes me, I went to make a delivery for him.
Things turned bad, really bad.
That is the last time I do this for him.


Threat : some folks from the delivery place are chasing me

Dice pool : 4




Advance first stat : Rig

first call

low quality sound coming through an old phone

day 2

start the engine

4dF -> [0, -1, -1, 0] -> -2

Best 2 dices sum is 0, the engine starts.

I slide the key into the rig's ignition and try turn.

The engine starts after a few moments.

hit the road

54 cards added to the deck card-pile.

1 card(s) drawn from the deck card-pile to the hand card-pile.

Intense weather conditions cause you to drift off the road. Describe your panic.
Make a Rig Roll

4dF -> [-1, -1, 1, -1] -> -2

2 boxes to fill on RIG : 1, -1 -> 0 -> Success

I'm driving in the icy morning, the road in front of me.
Some quiet music is playing on the radio.
I look at the trees in the forests on the sides, it's beautiful around here.
I bend a little on the side to try to reach to my coffee bottle.
One second of inattention ad the truck slides on an icy part of the road.
The truck starts to go sideways, I quickly turn the wheel, trying not to turn too much and finally manage to come back on the road.
I'm feeling a cold sweat running on my spine...
My hands shaking, I look at myself in the mirror, tired, a cut on the nose, a black eye and I say to myself :
"This is really the last time"

1 card(s) drawn from the deck card-pile to the hand card-pile.

You roll to a stop in front of a wounded animal and decide to remove it from the road-
way. There is something ... off ... in its appearance. What do you notice? How does
it lash out as you attempt to move it?
Make a Body Roll.

4dF -> [1, 1, -1, -1] -> 0

3 boxes on body : 1, 1, -1 -> 1 -> success

After a while, a dark form can be seen on top of the whiteness of the ice and snow.
I slowly stop to avoid a new loss of control, and get out of the truck.
My breath is visible in the cold.

What seemed to be quite big in the distance, is actually the body of a dead dog.
It's really big though.
I pull its corpse on the side of the road, groaning under the effort.
I notice its eyes are still opened, and red, I mean fully red...
What a strange animal is this...

1 card(s) drawn from the deck card-pile to the hand card-pile.

The next time you fail a Mind Roll, you get a second chance and can reroll your dice.
Save this card as a reminder; discard it when you reroll.

I keep on driving, listening to the radio, my mind wandering at the same time.
Despite the events of the last few days and the pain in my head due to my injuries, It feels quite good.

check your progress

Some days are more fruitful than others.
When you check your progress, start by checking the cards you’ve revealed. If you
revealed at least one ♠Road♠ card, advance to the next location. You’re getting closer.
(If you have not revealed a ♠Road♠ card, you’ll begin the next day in the same loca-

The day continues, driving along endless roads, covered in snow and ice, forests of pine trees on the sides.
Some memories are still blurry, my head still hurts and I'm doing all my best to reach the south and Gavin.

make the call

After hours of driving, the sky is dark, I finally find a payphone and a place to spend the night.
I pull over on the side and stop the truck.

I walk to the phone and dial Gavin's number.
Please enter your message after the beep

I hang up the phone, pull up my collar, shiver and go inside my truck.
I'll be back on the road tomorrow.

cards source : https://zxyonitch.itch.io/pixel-playing-cards-52-cards-card-back